Glasgow Ultimate Logo

With Glasgow Ultimate we are trying to establish a club and an identity that encompasses all those that play ultimate in Glasgow. Strathclyde and Glasgow University have their own identities within student ultimate, now we want something that everyone can be part of when we play and train together.

It has come time to pick a design that will represent Glasgow Ultimate and we figure that the members of the club should have their say. Whichever concept is chosen from the finalists below will be used for our strips, branding on the website and for any discs we have printed in the future.

Bear in mind that the designs below should be thought of more as concepts than finished logos; don’t worry if they’re fuzzy or you don’t like the background colour, these things will be tidied up before we go to print. We’ve tried to stay away from anything too gimmicky as we want a design that people are happy to keep for a while so we don’t all have to keep buying new strips every year.

Once you’ve submitted your answer could you please enter your name into the textbox that appears (no need for email), this will help us weed out possible random votes from people not associated with Glasgow Ultimate. Also, if you have any constructive feedback (“this bit should be bigger”, “The text should run the other way” etc) add them in to the comments at the foot of the page.

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version